We Are the Wor(l)d

In groups, have students brainstorm words that represent the vocabulary and themes they anticipate encountering on a World Communities tour at the Museum. As a whole class, share these words and compile a master list. Create a class word cloud and discuss what the most common words were and why they are meaningful to the theme “world communities.”

The website Tagxedo will help your students easily create a word cloud. The bigger the words are in the word cloud, the more frequent or common the vocabulary or theme.

Give students a list of the class vocabulary terms and themes in French. Students will match the terms from French to English (or vice versa) to ensure understanding.

Instructor should understand how to take a screenshot of the final word cloud

Thank you to Chris Jacquart, an educator who developed this activity for the World Communities tour as a participant in the 2011 Milwaukee Digital Media Conference.