Bouguereau & America: About the Artist

History: • Born into a family of wine and olive oil merchants • Went to live with Uncle Eugene to study theology, and discovering the world of art and literature, decided on a career as an artist rather than work in the church or the family business • Built reputation through portrait commissions and strict… Read on

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Coming Away: Winslow Homer & England Pre-Visit Activities

These pre-museum visit activities will build students’ background knowledge and introduce students to the life, legacy, and work of Winslow Homer.  The multipart activities can be done together, separately, or in any combination that works for your classroom. Courtesy of the Worcester Art Museum.

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Haunted Screens: Film Glossary

A listing of relevant film terms adapted from General Terms Shot – Continuous, unedited piece of film of any length Scene – A series of shots that together form a complete episode or unit of the narrative Storyboard – Drawn up when designing a production. The series of pictures show how each shot relates to the… Read on

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