What Makes a Community?/ ¿Qué Forma una Comunidad?

Have your students brainstorm key vocabulary in both Spanish and English that relates to the idea of community: what it is, who/what is involved, how it can relate to different areas of life, etc.

Split your students into groups and assign each a letter from the word “comunidad” (8 letters, only one “d”). Each group should come up with a minimum of ten Spanish or English words. Have the students create their list in a Word document, save it, and copy and paste the group of words from the document to the online word cloud maker Tagxedo. They should choose their group letter as the specific image when they form the word cloud.

Have all groups print out their letters and put them together to form the word “comunidad.”


Thank you to Elisa Welch, an educator who developed this activity for the World Communities tour as a participant in the 2011 Milwaukee Digital Media Conference.