Of Heaven and Earth: Strike Up the Band

Adapted from Joynear Duncan, education student at Alverno College and Museum summer 2014 Intern. The main forms of entertainment during the Renaissance, when the paintings at the beginning of the Of Heaven and Earth exhibition were made, were music and dance. There were two main types of dances: court dances and country dances. Court dances… Read on

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Moving Image

Adapt the “Machine” activity you might already use in your classroom to a work of art. One student begins by making a repetitive motion that is inspired by the artwork, and then another student “builds” on the movement with another repetitive motion. At the end, the whole class is a moving work of art. Afterwards,… Read on

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Let’s Get Physical

With the class standing in a circle, have each student create a movement that is inspired by a work of art. Repeat the motion as a group after each student shares. At the end, you’ll have a dance inspired by the piece of art, and to which each student has contributed. Inspired by collaborations with… Read on

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