Choosing a Work of Art

Find large-scale images on the Milwaukee Art Museum Collection website. Browse through the site to find the image you want, click on the thumbnail, and then click “Enlarge image.” You can project the images you find in the classroom or print them out.

Below are some ideas to help you in selecting a work of art that fits your lesson.

  1. Choose a work from the time period covered in your lesson.
  2. Choose a work that uses elements/principles of art or techniques you are studying.
  3. Choose a work made in a country your students are researching.
  4. Choose a work whose conceptual ideas match those in your lesson. Some examples:
  5. Compare and contrast works by different artists, from different countries and time periods, or that use different elements/techniques.
  6. Revisit works of art after a lesson for a follow-up discussion, encouraging students to connect what they have learned to the work.