Bouguereau & America: Myth and Allegory

Background Information: Artists from many times and places have created artwork inspired by cultural figures of mythology and history, including William Adolphe-Bouguereau. While much of his imagery is from Greek and Roman mythology, every culture has its own iconic figures that represent values, history, and mythology that inspire our own stories and imaginations. Primary Purpose:… Read on

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Bouguereau & America: About the Artist

History: • Born into a family of wine and olive oil merchants • Went to live with Uncle Eugene to study theology, and discovering the world of art and literature, decided on a career as an artist rather than work in the church or the family business • Built reputation through portrait commissions and strict… Read on

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American Epics: Benton in 3-D

See how a Benton classic was recreated in this article from the Peabody Essex Museum. Benton’s clay maquette (a sculptors small preliminary model or sketch) for Cotton Weighing is too fragile to travel, but come see the real thing at the Milwaukee Art Museum!

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