What Are the Words That Bring Us Together?

Help students learn that although people may come from different cultures, their needs and desires are often very much the same. Have students experiment with the website Tagxedo, a word cloud maker. They should work together brainstorming words related to “world communities” for the upcoming trip to the Museum. Have them think of similarities and differences among communities.

Using Tagxedo, have the students create a word cloud out of the terms. Remind them that they can designate a shape for their word cloud. The shape should reflect the idea of world communities in some way. Discussion and brainstorming of vocabulary associated with the world communities theme brings meaning to the words and a connection to the lives of the students.

Animoto or Glogster

Thank you to Marcia Kritzler-Egeland, an educator who developed this activity for the World Communities tour as a participant in the 2011 Milwaukee Digital Media Conference.