Hangout with Art: Token Response

tokensIt’s time for a game–respond to artworks instantaneously!

First, print out copies of this sheet of tokens and cut out the icons. Make sure there are enough that each student has one set of tokens.

At the Museum, choose a gallery with at least four artworks. Restrict your choices to FOUR works of art in the gallery. Each person should have one set of tokens.

Here’s what the tokens mean:

  • Heart = I love this
  • Yuck = I do not like this at all
  • Clock = This artwork took a lot of time to make
  • House = I’d like to have this artwork in my home

Everyone puts a token face down in front of a work of art in the gallery that they feel best represents that token. (Be careful not to get too close or touch the artwork!) Once everyone has placed a token, together you can unveil the tokens by turning them face up.

Walk around the gallery and see what everyone thought of each artwork. Try not to talk while you do this.

After you look at the choices, talk about the following:

  • Was there a uniform opinion about each work? Were some more contentious? Did you notice any patterns?
  • Were you surprised by anything?
  • Did this help you see a work of art in a new way?