Hangout with Art: Art Confrontation

Students will challenge themselves to live with a single work of art for a week that they DON’T like and see what happens.

Have students find a work of art in the Museum that they definitely do not like. They should take a photo of that piece, write down its information from the label, or get a postcard of it in the Museum shop. Students should print out their photo or an image from and display the artwork for the week somewhere they spend time every day. You might have them do it at their desk or in their locker at school; they could make it their cell phone or laptop background; or they could keep it at home near their bed, desk, or bathroom. Students are welcome to research the work of art or artist, or they can keep it a mystery.

After the week is up, lead a discussion with your students about what they learned from having to consider something they did not initially like. You might also have them write a written reflection or keep a journal for the week as they think about their chosen work of art. It’s alright if they didn’t like the artwork in the end–the act of challenging themselves to think critically about something they might not like is what is most important here.

Discussion Questions:

  • Is there anything you realized about your work of art while having it with you for the whole week?
  • Did any students have similar experiences or change their minds about their artwork?
  • Did you find this experience worthwhile?