The Brush Is in Your Court!

Deepen your students’ connection to the artwork viewed during the World Communities Museum tour by having them relate a work to a personal story, through technology. Students should use the Museum Collection website to find an artwork that inspired them on the tour, and then connect that piece to a personal story/reflection. Have them use Voki, Voicethread, Glogster, Animoto, or any other pre-approved tool to complete this task.

Ask students to also submit a digital photo of their choice, so that all pieces of artwork can come together in a class Animoto video—put together by the classroom teacher or another student.

Choice of the following: Voki, Voicethread, Glogster, or Animoto

Thank you to Dana Blumberg, an educator who developed this activity for the World Communities tour as a participant in the 2011 Milwaukee Digital Media Conference.