Inspiring Beauty: What Does This Garment Say to You?

Elements of design used in the visual arts can also be found in fashion! The elements of design include:

Line: A mark that may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or curved.

Color: Solid, or combined with others, color is defined by its hue, value, and intensity.

Shape and Form: The outline or arrangement of an object. Shape is two-dimensional, or flat. Form is three-dimensional, or has volume.

Pattern: A repeated decorative design. Examples: paisley, stripes, and floral

Texture : The way an object feels and looks. Examples: bumpy, smooth, and shiny

Space: The area between spaces, patterns, and/or materials on a garment.

Challenge your students, working individually or in pairs, to fill out the What Does This Garment Say to You? Scavenger hunt form. They will be tasked with finding garments in the Inspiring Beauty exhibition that include the fashion design elements defined above. For an extra challenge, confine their search to only one section (Vision, Inspiration, or Power) of the exhibition. Take the time to conduct a gallery walk to review the finds and compare the sketches.