JDSP: Edge of England-Cornelia Parker

Junior Docent Student Work

Reproduction Artwork by Nanilo Djakovic

Danilo Djakovic—Edgewood Elementary

The two most important elements of design are form and space. The form of the rocks are very irregular and unique, organic forms and the rocks are suspended on wires that overlap while you walk around it. That made me choose form and space as the elements of art that stand out the most in this work of art. These are the most important elements of design when you are working with sculpture. I like Edge of England because the artwork makes me feel like time is frozen in front of me. I also like that it’s a sculpture. When I saw this artwork it was on my first trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum when I was in 3rd grade, it was my favorite out of all the art we saw that day and it really blew my mind. I think this artwork reminds us all to slow down.

Artist and Artwork

Cornelia Parker (English, b. 1956)
Edge of England, 1999
Chalk, wire, and wire mesh
Gift of Friends of Art M2000.89
Photo credit: Larry Sanders