Hangout with Art: Object Story

Think of this as an icebreaker–the kind you did on the first day of summer camp or the first day of class to get to know each other. But instead of sharing our names and a fun fact about ourselves, introduce yourself through a work of art.

At the museum, choose a boundary for your group to find their artworks in–a single floor, for example, or a large gallery with a variety of works in it for younger students. Each student silently and individually wanders to find a work of art that speaks to them.

Once you meet up again, do a “gallery walk” together: walk around the gallery, and as students see their piece, they should direct the group to it and introduce themselves, saying their name and why they chose that piece.

After the activity, you might ask your students:

  • Did you see works of art when walking together as a group that you hadn’t while you were wandering alone at the beginning?
  • How was it different to wander galleries with a specific purpose rather than glance around the whole room?