Museum Inside-Out: Framing Department

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The works of art are the stars of the Museum, but they sure would look different without frames around them! Frames protect works of art and help us learn more about their histories. The Museum has its own Frame Workshop, where frames are made and fixed.

↓ What does a framer do?

↓ Framing: Tools of the Trade

↓ A Framer’s Gallery Inspection

↓ Frames with More to Tell

Play the frame matching game! Decide which artworks look best in which frames in this online matching game.

Words to Frame By
Impress your friends and family with framing vocabulary.


A representation of leaves, flowers, and branches.

Mat (or Mat Board)

Protective board typically used around prints, photographs, and drawings, within the frame.

Mat Color

The protective board can be four different colors depending on the work of art. Curators choose from natural, antique, white, and warm white.


Carved decoration on a frame.


The thickness and shape of a frame.

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