JDSP: An Angel- Abbott Handerson Thayer

Junior Docent Student Work

Reproduction Artwork by Hannah Malloy

Hannah Malloy—Lake Bluff Elementary

This piece depicts an angel on a primarily teal background. It has the texture of paint (since that is what it is made of.) This piece is very asymmetrical – – for example, the background color and shading is asymmetrical. It is darker on one side and lighter on the other. The angel is facing left, which also makes it asymmetrical, and finally, the two sides of the dress are different. One thing I included in my presentation about why I like my piece is because it is asymmetrical, but still balanced.  But I also like that the angel is different from most other angels depicted in paintings I have seen. She does not have a halo, heavenly trumpets, or a pure white robe. She is also on a dark background, rather than clouds, like other angels might be.

Artist and Artwork

Abbott Handerson Thayer (American, 1849–1921)
An Angel, 1893
Oil on canvas
53 1/2 × 37 1/2 in. (135.89 × 95.25 cm)
Layton Art Collection Inc., Gift of Miss Alice Chapman L1925.2
Photo credit: John R. Glembin