We Are the Wor(l)d

In groups, have students brainstorm words that represent the vocabulary and themes they anticipate encountering on a World Communities tour at the Museum. As a whole class, share these words and compile a master list. Create a class word cloud and discuss what the most common words were and why they are meaningful to the… Read on

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What Are the Words That Bring Us Together?

Help students learn that although people may come from different cultures, their needs and desires are often very much the same. Have students experiment with the website Tagxedo, a word cloud maker. They should work together brainstorming words related to “world communities” for the upcoming trip to the Museum. Have them think of similarities and… Read on

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Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

The Impressionists were friends with many creative people in Paris in the 1800s, including writers. Charles Baudelaire was one of the most famous writers of all, and Impressionist paintings and works on paper inspired many of his writings. Here is an excerpt of his writing about Boudin’s seascapes: In the end, all these clouds, with… Read on

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