Uncommon Folk: Some Assemblage Required

Assemblage is a 3-D work comprised of “found” objects that the artist has arranged in a particular way. These objects can be organic or man-made. One thing to consider about assemblage is the design. Whereas assemblage is typically three-dimensional, collage is typically two-dimensional. Both art forms are considered eclectic in nature and composition. The meanings of the objects change when placed in a new context.



Directions: Discuss the works made from found objects and the artists who made them. Consider examining a piece and identifying the individual objects. What was the original purpose of each object? What is its new purpose?

What is the concept behind the work? / What do you think is the purpose of the work?
Who do you think is the intended audience?
What skills do you think were involved in making this work?
Why do you think these particular objects were used?
How do the objects that were used shape the overall message/effect of the piece?
What is the purpose of using found objects to make an assemblage as opposed to conventional materials like clay, metal, or paint?