Exploring World Communities

Students will be introduced to art vocabulary, be able to talk about world communities as well as their own communities, locate the regions they will visit during the Museum tour, and think about how communities are connected through art.

To introduce art vocabulary, have students use Tagxedo to input the key words of elements and principles of art. (You can find a list of elements and principles here.) Ask students: What do the words have in common? Where do you think we are going for our upcoming field trip?

After discussing your Museum visit, have students use an online brainstorm website such as Lino It or TodaysMeet to think about community. Do they belong to any communities? What do communities have in common?

Finally, use GoogleMaps or GoogleEarth to locate the regions they will visit during the Museum tour (i.e., America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Haiti). Encourage students to think about where they might fit in as they visit the artwork from each continent or country.

Elements and Principles of Art
Lino It

Thank you to Dana Blumberg, an educator who developed this activity for the World Communities tour as a participant in the 2011 Milwaukee Digital Media Conference.