JDSP: Rock Dog- Edgar Tolson

Junior Docent Student Work

Reproduction Artwork by Madelyn Rottmann

Madelyn RottmannEdgewood Elementary

Rock Dog was made by artist Edgar Tolson in 1945. He carved it out of limestone and painted him black, brown, and white. (I made my piece out of newspaper, tape, glue, plaster, and black, brown, and white paint.) Rock Dog would probably have a bumpy, rough texture. His body parts are a variety of different shapes. His head is a sphere, his nose is a cone, his legs are rectangles, his ears are two triangles, his body is a cylinder, and his tail is a very skinny cylinder. Rock Dog has three colors on him: black, brown, and white. Rock Dog’s form is a sitting position, his back is slightly arched and he is looking strait forward. There is little space between his two front legs, and his tail is curved around to his left back leg.

I chose this work of art because I absolutely LOVE dogs, and whenever I look at this dog’s face, he makes me laugh. When I look at this artwork, I see a funny, smiling dog, staring back at me. If Rock Dog could talk, he would probably ask me if we wanted to be friends. When I look at this sculpture, it makes me feel happy and joyful because you rarely see a dog smiling like that. If Rock dog was alive, I think he would hold a happy presence.

Artist and Artwork

Edgar Tolson (American, 1904–1984)
Rock Dog, ca. 1945
Carved and painted limestone
30 × 15 1/2 × 24 in. (76.2 × 39.37 × 60.96 cm)
The Michael and Julie Hall Collection of American Folk Art M1989.312
Photo credit: John Nienhuis