JDSP: Cubi IV-David Smith

Junior Docent Student Work

Reproduction Artwork by Barrett Kabele

Barrett Kabele—Deerfield Elementary School

My replica of the piece of artwork “Cubi IV” is a collaboration of shiny silver rectangular prisms, each one a different size, length, or, width. It reminds me of robots, and minecraft. It is also made completely out of stainless steel, and lastly, it is 3-D, and I like creating 3-D sculptures. The same paint that covers the replica is the same color paint from the same spray can that covers my award-winning X-5 robot suit. The suit I made is a creative response to David Smith’s sculpture.

Artist and Artwork

David Smith (American, 1906–1965)
Cubi IV, 1963
Stainless steel
including base: 98 1/2 × 25 1/2 × 53 in. (250.19 × 64.77 × 134.62 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Harry Lynde Bradley M1977.144