JDSP: Crying Girl-Roy Lichtenstein

Junior Docent Student Work

Cecelia Eiting—Edgewood Elementary

I think that Roy Lichtenstein used pattern the best with his Bendae Dots from comics he painted. I also like the bold and wavy lines that he used in the art. I also like that it looks realistic. The colors he used are primary including dark blue, red, and yellow. Also some peach in the faces. He used negative space and a smooth shiny texture. It also looks really tempting to touch.

To me the “Crying Girl” looks sad. The emotions it shows in the face of the girl are sadness, worry and sorrow. The story that I would make up for this painting would be about a girl and a boy who have been dating for a few years and broke up. I think that my artist was feeling sad when he made the painting or someone in his life that was sad and not himself.

Artist and Artwork

Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923–1997) Crying Girl, 1964 Enamel on steel 46 1/8 × 46 1/8 in. (117.16 × 117.16 cm) Purchase M1965.18 Photo credit: John R. Glembin © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein