Hangout with Art: Art and Inspiration with Artist Reginald Baylor

This video is part of a collection of recorded talks with Milwaukee-area professionals who don’t work in museums, but use art in their work and lives. These live talks are inspiring, combining art with many different fields. These videos are great resources for high school teachers who might want to speak with students about different professions and how many disciplines can come together in one job.

About the Speaker
Reginald Baylor, born November 1966 in Milwaukee, Wis., attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (1984-88) where he was a sculpture major, but was encouraged to pursue commercial art and art education. Because of his fascination with a philosophy class, he became infatuated with the line and its theories and function. After spending time in California where he married his wife Jill (1991), his wife and two sons moved to Chicago, Ill. While living in Chicago, he began a career as an owner operator for Mason Dixon Trucking. He continuously worked towards mastering his aesthetics, craftsmanship and straight-edge techniques with his acrylic on canvas paintings. Reginald returned to the Milwaukee area with his family in 1998 where he began exhibiting in numerous galleries and museums in Milwaukee. In 2007, Reginald was a recipient of a grant that allowed him to stay for one month at an artist residency at Ragdale in Lake Forest, Ill. As a direct result of the residency, he decided to stop driving a truck and pursue a full-time career in fine art. Reginald Baylor is currently working from his studio in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. His “open studio” concept invites clients and the public into the space to interact and experience Reginald Baylor Studio for themselves.