Hangout with Art: Art and Music with Music Educators H2O Milwaukee Music

This video is part of a collection of recorded talks with Milwaukee-area professionals who don’t work in museums, but use art in their work and lives. These live talks are inspiring, combining art with many different fields. These videos are great resources for high school teachers who might want to speak with students about different professions and how many disciplines can come together in one job.

About the Speakers
H2O Milwaukee Music are Dwight Gilbert and Marquis Gilbert, cousins who created and facilitate H2O, a project-based arts program that teaches music, songwriting, recording, and video production via a digital mobile studio, serving youth in the city of Milwaukee. H2O’s catalogue of video projects is called The Peace Propaganda Project, a YouTube channel that features all youth-created songs, videos, and PSAs, with the goal of creating an online community with which youth can share their talents through empowering messages to their peers. H2O is a high demand program that is able to work with youth 2nd through 12th grade with no music experience and create a fun experience that challenges students be creative and expressive through writing and performing, while learning to work as a team to achieve a shared goal. H2O has been delivering music education through technology for 8 years and works extensively in Milwaukee Public Schools and is affiliated with Milwaukee arts non-profits such as Arts @ Large and Artists Working in Education and plans to expand to serve surrounding communities and school districts in the near future. H2O was the recipient of the MPS Soar Award for after school program of the year in 2014 and its projects have won awards and grants for schools whose students have created videos with H2O that have been submitted in competitions, such as Global Youth Service Day.