Hangout with Art: Art and Story with Author Carole E. Barrowman

This video is part of a collection of recorded talks with Milwaukee-area professionals who don’t work in museums, but use art in their work and lives. These live talks are inspiring, combining art with many different fields. These videos are great resources for high school teachers who might want to speak with students about different professions and how many disciplines can come together in one job.

About the Speaker
Carole E. Barrowman has written two biographies and four novels, including the acclaimed “Hollow Earth,” a middle grade fantasy series about twins whose imaginations are their super powers. They can bring their own drawings to life and they have the ability to animate themselves into art. Carole also wrote the Sunday Times best-seller “Anything Goes” in collaboration with her brother, John Barrowman (Dr. Who, Torchwood, Arrow). Carole writes a monthly crime fiction column and book reviews for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She contributed to the Hugo award-winning anthology “Chicks Dig Time Lords” and the Hugo nominated “Queers Dig Time Lords.” Carole is an English professor and Director of the Creative Studies in Writing program at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can follow her on Twitter @BarrowmanCrime. Carole loves to inspire young artists and aspiring writers to imagine great things. If you’re interested in having her visiting your art museum as part of your educational programming, please contact her via her website.