Museum Inside Out: Ask a Curator

Learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at the Milwaukee Art Museum with the Museum Inside Out video series.

What does a curator do? In this segment, hear from a museum curator to learn about the challenges and highlights of this career. A curator is a professional manager tasked with keeping and caring for art or artifacts for a cultural institution and is also content specialist charged with the interpretation of art or historical artifacts.

Museum Inside Out: What is a Curator?

Museum Inside Out: Ask a Curator-What are the challenges?

Museum Inside Out: Ask a Curator-Describe your favorite object.

Museum Inside Out: Ask a Curator-How do you get ideas for an exhibition?

Margarete Heymann-Löbenstein-Marks (German, 1899–1990)
Manufactured by Haël Werkstätten (Marwitz, Germany, 1923–1934)
Teapot, ca. 1930
Glazed ceramic