Hangout with Art: Art and History with Historians Phillip C. Naylor and Jodi Eastberg

This video is part of a collection of recorded talks with Milwaukee-area professionals who don’t work in museums, but use art in their work and lives. These live talks are inspiring, combining art with many different fields. These videos are great resources for high school teachers who might want to speak with students about different professions and how many disciplines can come together in one job.

About the Speakers
Phillip Naylor is Professor of History at Marquette University. He directed the Western Civilization program for nine years where he insisted that his graduate teaching assistants appreciate the manifold pedagogical besides historical value of art (including in-service sessions at the Milwaukee Art Museum). Art plays an important role in all his courses (Western Civilization, Middle East, North Africa, Byzantium, Modern Europe, and Rock and Roll). He is a member of Marquette’s Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art Faculty Advisory Committee and the Milwaukee Art Museum Board of Trustees’ Committee for Education and Public Programs.

Jodi Eastberg is Associate Professor of History at Alverno College where she teaches world and women’s history with an emphasis on digital teaching and learning. Alverno’s abilities-based curriculum requires all students to demonstrate proficiency in eight abilities, including aesthetic engagement. Her classes are engaging active-learning spaces where art plays a central role in creating understanding of and meaning from the past. She serves as the President of the Milwaukee Art Museum’s American Arts Society and as a member of the Milwaukee Art Museum Board of Trustees’ Committee for Education and Public Programs and is a trustee of the Layton Collection.