Museum Inside Out: Conservator

Learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at the Milwaukee Art Museum with the Museum Inside Out video series.

What does it take to preserve artwork for future generations of visitors? In this segment, hear from a museum conservator to learn about the care needed to maintain works of art that are hundreds of years old. A museum conservator is someone who documents, restores and preserves artifacts that are on display in museum exhibits. They use chemical and physical tests to determine the age and make up of different artifacts, and use problem-solving to determine how to restore and preserve the objects as well as estimate how much it will cost to make those necessary preservations. Conservators also train and teach museum curators and technicians, as well as give tours and provide research assistance to museum visitors.

Museum Inside Out: Conservator

Museum Inside Out: Conservator-Tools of the Trade

Museum Inside Out: Conservator in Action

conservator caring for artwork