Of Heaven and Earth: Enter the Painting

Vincenzo Camuccini, Death of Julius Caesar, ca. 1825–29. Glasgow Museums; Bequeathed by Mrs. Cecilia Douglas of Orbiston, 1862 (318). © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection. Courtesy American Federation of Arts.

Select a painting of interest from the Of Heaven and Earth exhibition, and spend at least sixty seconds in silence examining the details. Ask students to “take a walk” into the painting using their five senses.

Consider the following prompts to assist in your discussion:

  • What do they see, feel, hear, smell, taste?
  • Describe your favorite color. How has the artist used this color in the painting?
  • Imagine you are the subject of the painting. Why would someone want to paint you?
  • If this artwork could speak, what would it say?

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