Wassily Kandinsky (Russian, 1866 – 1944) Yellow-Red-Blue (Gelb-Rot-Blau), 1925 Oil on canvas 50 3/8 × 79 5/16 in. Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne, Paris Gift of Mrs. Nina Kandinsky in 1976 AM 1976-856 © Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI/ Philippe Migeat / Dist.RMN-GP © 2014 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Line, shape, and color are important building blocks for creating art. Select a painting by Kandinsky to discuss as a group.

Look closely at the image for one minute. Notice the lines. What are they doing? Notice the shapes. Look for two kinds: geometric and biomorphic (or organic). Do you see shapes that you recognize/can name? Finally, examine the colors. Do you see any primary colors? How about secondary colors? Some artists think that colors can make you feel certain emotions. How does this painting make you feel? What does the painting seem to express?

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