Inspired by Nature Matching Game

Santiago Calatrava was inspired by nature when he designed the Quadracci Pavilion addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum. After seeing the models and the watercolors from the exhibition, ask students to think about how nature might have inspired Calatrava by doing the below matching game.

The below links connect to Google Search images of each object from nature, or to images of the Calatrava-designed addition. Print out images that you think would work best for your class, and put your students in pairs or small groups. Ask them to connect the object from nature with an element of the building. Why are those images connected? What parts of nature inspired them?

Burke Brise Soleil
exterior view of each galleria
grouping of circular vents on upper walls near main entrance
looking up at the vaulted, glass-enclosed, parabolic-shaped reception hall; outer edge shape
pattern of glass supports/grid of pavilion roof
supports along each galleria