Dave Project: Curriculum Guide

The below Curriculum Guide accompanies the 15-minute documentary about Dave the Potter as part of the Dave Project, made possible by the Chipstone Foundation. It provides cross-disciplinary activities and extension lessons to support content knowledge and critical thinking skills for students in grades 4–8.

Download the Guide (PDF).

Find the video here.

A pot by Dave is on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum. To arrange a viewing, book a self-guided school tour at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and contact Claudia Mooney at Chipstone to guide your visit.

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3 thoughts on “Dave Project: Curriculum Guide

  1. I am a docent at Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC and very happy that you have done this project. We have one of Dave’s pots and tell the story of his reading and writing and his master let him do it as he was the best potter. You have added to my knowledge and the school children will benefit from this. Would like to get a copy of the teachers guide please. Saw this in Traditional magazine May issue,

    • I am a docent at Mint Museum in Charlotte NC and we show one of Dave’s pots to school children. Thanks for added to my knowledge of Dave the potter, this is a great project. Could I have a copy of the teachers guides? To share with the other docents?

      • Hello Carol. Sorry, comments don’t always appear on time. Do you still need a copy of the guide? We’d be happy to share resources. Email us at teachers.mam.org for more information.

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