JDSP: Blue Wing Teal—Robert A. and Catherine Elliston (active 19th century)

Junior Docent Student Work

Reproduction Artwork by Brady Thoms

Brady Thoms—Luther Burbank Elementary

The artwork I have chosen is a sculpture or decoy of a duck. It has a brown body with a blue wing black spots a blue neck with a black blue beak with some white in the beak. It has an oval body and a long neck. This sculpture is made by the Ellistons in the 1800’s by carving wood. I chose this sculpture because it reminds me of camping because it is a duck and I remember ducks swimming in lakes while I am camping. I like this artwork because it represents nature.

Artist and Artwork

Robert A. Elliston (Bureau, Illinois, active 19th century)
Catherine Elliston (Bureau, Illinois, active 19th century)
Blue Wing Teal, ca. 1880
Carved and painted wood, glass
5 3/16 × 4 3/8 × 12 1/4 in. (13.18 × 11.11 × 31.12 cm)
The Michael and Julie Hall Collection of American Folk Art M1989.271