JDSP: Bell’s Bar Weightlifter-American

Junior Docent Student Work

Reproduction Artwork by Liz

Liz Santiago Torres—Luther Burbank Elementary

​My artwork uses lots of sphere’s and ovals. My character is smiling and is wearing a sort of cave man outfit, it is orange with black spots on it and he is strong. I love this artwork because it reminds me of being at my uncle’s house in Puerto Rico, and he used to lift weights. I also love the fun and colorful shirt pattern. The first time I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum, I was a little scared, I never went there before! But my friends and teachers were there with me and they helped a lot. My favorite artwork from my first tour was the tiny metal man with the weights, I thought he was so adorable and colorful!

Artist and Artwork

Bell’s Bar Weightlifter, ca. 1950s
Metal, wood, and paint
33 × 35 × 17 in. (83.82 × 88.9 × 43.18 cm)
Gift of Friends of Art M1997.66
Photo credit: Larry Sanders