Moving Image

Adapt the “Machine” activity you might already use in your classroom to a work of art. One student begins by making a repetitive motion that is inspired by the artwork, and then another student “builds” on the movement with another repetitive motion. At the end, the whole class is a moving work of art. Afterwards,… Read on

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Let’s Get Physical

With the class standing in a circle, have each student create a movement that is inspired by a work of art. Repeat the motion as a group after each student shares. At the end, you’ll have a dance inspired by the piece of art, and to which each student has contributed. Inspired by collaborations with… Read on

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Act It Out

Have students choose two characters (or even objects) in a work of art and give them a voice. They should decide on personalities and write a dialogue between the two. You could also do this in the Museum galleries with multiple works of art—what might they say to each other? This is a great opportunity… Read on

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