Welcome to the online home for Teacher Resources at the Milwaukee Art Museum!

Here you will find many resources for incorporating the Museum’s Collection and exhibitions into your curriculum—from quick activities you can implement tomorrow, to inspiring lesson plans, to concise background information about exhibitions and works of art. And, of course, there are plenty of high-quality images for you to use on our Collections page: just browse the database, select an artwork, and choose “Enlarge image.”

This website is also an online learning community for you and your colleagues in the state and across the region. Nearly every part of the site is open to comments: go ahead and brag a little—share your expertise, experiences, and adaptations with your fellow educators!


You can also contribute your own resource to be posted here by emailing the School & Teacher Programs Manager. The Museum would love to feature your activities, lessons, and ideas on this site, so send them over!


Because we will constantly be working to improve this resource area to meet your needs, we encourage you to email the School & Teacher Programs Manager with your thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism.

Site Organization

Wondering where to start? Here’s how the site works. Resources are organized by topics, so that you can easily search for an activity or lesson plan that best fits your needs. You’ll find the drop-down menu of these topics at the top of every page.

Exhibition Resources focus on information and activities related to feature exhibitions at the Museum. Each exhibition resource includes background information, an exhibition walkthrough, and classroom and gallery activities.

Collection Resources include general strategies for incorporating works of art into your teaching, as well as lots of activities that can be used with any work of art from the Museum’s Collection. The section also includes historical information on those works.

Activity Type

  • Classroom Activities are those you can use right away in your classroom, before a tour (pre-activity) or after (post-activity).
  • Gallery Activities can be used in the Museum galleries during your field trip. These are great for self-guided tours without a docent, or if you spend extra time in the galleries before or after your docent-guided tour.

Grade allows you to sort through activities by grade level. There is also an option for resources intended primarily for teachers.

Subject lists activities linked to specific subject areas. The majority of resources here are cross-disciplinary and appropriate for teachers of all subject areas.

Theme provides a way to sort activities by “big picture” concepts like communication, vocabulary, research, movement, and more.

A Note on Images

When available, activities include a high-quality image that you can project in your classroom. Feature exhibitions include an image gallery to the right of each resource associated with that exhibition. You can locate more high-quality images on the Collections page of the Museum’s website. Search for the image you want, and then choose “enlarge image.” This image can be projected in your classroom.