Teaching with Art

Integrating works of art into your daily classroom routine can strengthen and enrich your curriculum. These teaching strategies and classroom activities are easy to include in your existing lesson plans.

Download this page and all of the related activities in a PDF.

Why use works of art in the classroom?

Works of art:

  • Easily complement and extend the content of many subject areas
  • Support different learning styles
  • Promote visual literacy and critical thinking
  • Inspire group activities and individual assignments

You can also download a complete list of state standards that are met by all Milwaukee Art Museum school programs.

How do I talk about art with my students?

The below general teaching strategies can be utilized in your classroom with a projected work of art, as well as in the Museum’s galleries with the original object. Use them to start a discussion with your students. Enrich your teaching by adding your own expertise on the time period or the concept your class is studying, and by taking time to read about the work of art, its artist, and its history.

How can I use works of art in my established curriculum?

Use the following activities as bell ringers, exit slips, for brainstorming, as writing prompts, and more. These activities can be adapted for all grade levels and subject areas.

Select a work of art that relates to your curriculum, and use it with one of the activities below. Let the discussion lead the way into the day’s lesson, or allow your students to pick their own work of art from a set you have put together.

Use the Museum Collection website to project and print large images of works of art in your classroom.







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