Reading with Art

Add art to your literacy lessons to support reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension.

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Youth and Family Programs staff has developed a series of cards that link storybooks with works of art. The Museum is excited to present them here for download so that classroom teachers can use them, too!

Each PDF features a work of art in the Museum Collection and a picture book whose story or illustrations relate to the artwork or artist. Chances are you already have these books in your classroom! The cards provide discussion questions that serve to support comprehension.

You can use the cards in the following ways:

  • As inspiration for classroom story time. Read the suggested book to students. Afterwards, project an image of the work of art and go through the discussion questions with your students.
  • At the Museum, on a self-guided tour. Bring the book along and read the story to your students in front of the work of art itself. Use the questions to guide discussion both about the book and the artwork.
  • For continued learning at home. Give the cards or download links to parents/guardians as a way for them to practice good literacy skills at home with their children. They can even check out the book for free at the Museum, from the ArtPack station on the Main Level.

Access the Reading with Art PDFs below. Each page has a link to the image of the artwork (so that you can easily project it in your classroom), as well as a link to the storybook.

Reading with Art Cards are sponsored by the Four-Four Foundation and an anonymous donor

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